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Honors and Awards
  • EDUCAUSE/CLIR Leaching Change Initiative Fellow (2016)
  • Excellence Award for Innovation, Brown University, for work to integrate Library LibGuides into Canvas (2017)
  • Fellowship,  IMLS-funded Library Research Seminar V, University of Maryland (2010)
  • ACRL New England Chapter Best Paper Award for “User-Centered Design in Practice: the Brown University Experience,” Journal of Web Librarianship, Vol. 2 (2-3) 2008, 109-138. (2009)
  • Fellowship, Association of Research Libraries Leadership Institute, Seattle, WA (2007-2008)
Professional Activities
  • Member, Rhode Island Steering Committee for Open Textbooks (2016-)
  • Guest Editor, Journal of Media Literacy Education Special Issue: History of Media Literacy (July 2014)
  • Conference Director, Symposium on the Historical Roots of Media Literacy (September 2013)
  • Affiliated Faculty, Media Education Lab, University of Rhode Island (2012-present)
  • Completion, Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, Certificate I “Reflective Teaching” (2012) and Certificate IV “Teaching Consultant Program” (2013)
  • Completion, Blended Learning Institute, Simmons College (January 2011)
  • Coordinator, “Transforming the Student’s Experience as Scholar,” CLIR-Brown University Library Symposium (April 2008)